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So What !

Music examples section

It's always hard to talk about music... Unless we listen, words like cool, ethereal, slow, joyfull, sad or whatever adjectives don't worth a dime. I love a large variety of music and my main influences are the funk, jazz, soul and reggae.

So here are snippets organized into categories.
I'll start with the Music section which holds examples of my composition or covers. Some works are commands, some are my own production while others can be work in progress or demos.

Scoring section is, well music for pictures. Movies, short feature films, newscast or ads.

Video clip is self explanatory isn't it ? ;-)

So What ! Productions Independant Label is due later this year. It'll be hosted externally.
An artists gallery with the catalog of past or ongoing productions as well as Artists compilations. Web radio and much more...

This section will grow over time. I'm very slowly going into cruise speed as far as content is concerned.
The idea will be to have some different tunes turning over in these sections, so come often!!!
Enjoy my music as much as I did when composing!

Nota bene: I'm not fixed yet on the size of the snippets and I'll upload some full lenght songs later on anyway.


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