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       The workshop is the place for goodies to download, bits to read or learn.

       This is what keeps me busy in the studio when I'm not doing music... Curiosity can sometimes be your enemy (like when as a kid, I blew the family's radio because I was wondering what was this unused switch in the back.. It happened to be the voltage selector.. ). But curiosity is your best friend when it comes to computers, daw optimising, tweaking and other geeky sports.
       Eventually it becomes a job. Actually it is a job I do on demand as well. Installing, maintaining and fixing DAW computers. Optimising an audio comp isn't rocket science, but is far from being an easy task since it's based on trial and error, troubleshootings, readings and experience.

To start I have a device panel, some remote 25 patches and soon will come a "how to build your own computer iso box with an Ikea kitchen element for less than 100 Euros" tutorial... I'll write down some tips I discovered or found on the web later here as well.


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Devices Panels




an experimental midi controller I built that worked with a joystick port with V Midi Joy software...